The Art of Healing

March 2021 Roundup and Vitamin D Safety

March 29, 2021
The Art of Healing
March 2021 Roundup and Vitamin D Safety
Show Notes

This podcast is a summary of some of the content  from March 2021 from Art of Healing Podcast as well as the blog at Healing Arts Health and Wellness.

March Round Up

  • Rest: My blog post Rest, Renewal and Resilience can be found here;  There is a quick Mindfulness video you can try in this post.
  • Sleep is a process.  You don't just close  your eyes then wake up.  If you would like to learn about sleep architecture have a read of 
  • Have a listen to the podcast "Bridging the Gap", a fascinating conversation between two Reiki Masters discussing the state of current healthcare.   
  • Yoga Therapy, a service offered by,  can help with all conditions.  The link for the blog post can be found here Yoga Therapy and Resilience.

Vitamin D Safety:

  • Check with your physician, nurse practitioner,  or care provider to find out how much Vitamin D you should be taking.  
  • Vitamin D is available commercially in doses ranging from 800IU daily to 5,000 IU daily.
  • It is to take too much Vitamin D.
  • Get your levels checked.
  • Information on Vitamin D Toxicity

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