The Art of Healing

August 2023 Meditation-Body Awareness Meditation

August 28, 2023 Charlyce Davis
The Art of Healing
August 2023 Meditation-Body Awareness Meditation
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Thank you for meditating with me.

This episode strips back the complexity of mindfulness, guiding you through a gentle meditation practice focused on heightening awareness of your body's interactions with the world. You can practice this meditation sitting comfortably with your back supported or lying down.

This meditation offers a straightforward entry point into mindfulness, ideal for beginners. It's about the subtle sensations; the feel of your feet against the floor, the touch of clothes against your skin, the contact of your body with a chair, and the sensation of air around you.

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 Thank you again for meditating with me.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back to the Art of Healing Podcast. This is Charlize, and we are finishing the month up of August and, as always is our tradition, we're going to finish the month together with a meditation. Last month, we did a channeled Reiki session together and this month we're going to practice a brief meditation practice which is going to be awareness of the body's point of contact. For this episode, this is going to be a brief meditation, so I would recommend that you be in a place where you can relax and get comfortable. If you happen to be listening and you're driving, it would be best to download the episode and maybe do this meditation when you can have some quiet moments to yourself. If you check your show notes, you can sign up for my weekly newsletter, where I will email you a copy of this which you can keep on your favorite device and perform as much as you'd like later on. You can perform this meditation seated comfortably in a chair with your back supported, or you can lie down in a comfortable position, sometimes supporting the back of the knees with a pillow or cushion. Let's your back relax. If you are seated in a chair, make sure that your feet are nice and grounded and flat. Just take a few minutes to make any adjustments that you need to get comfortable for this meditation. The body is always in contact with something, whether it's the chair, the ground, your bed or the air around you. This offers a powerful way to tune in to your present time experience. You can be mindful of these points of contact anytime, in meditation or throughout your daily life. The sensations are generally easy to feel, making this an ideal practice for beginners to mindfulness. When you feel ready, close your eyes and bring your awareness to the posture of your body. Make any minor adjustments to help your body be at ease. Begin by noticing the places where the body is touching something else. Can you feel the contact between your feet and the floor? Pay attention to the physical feeling of the feet. There's nothing else special to do, just observe how the feet feel in this moment. Continue up to where you can feel the contact between your bottom and the chair cushion or bed. Notice the contact and pressure of the upper thighs with the surface of the chair. Rest your awareness here, mindfully observing what this feels like in your body. Bring the attention to the hands, however they may be resting. Feel the places where the hands are touching each other, sitting in the lap or resting on the knees. Notice on whatever part of the hand is in contact with something else. Now see where you can feel the sensation of the clothes on the body. You can scan the body to see where the sensation is present. It may be easiest to feel the places where the clothing stops and the skin is exposed, such as the arms, neck or ankles. Finally, bring your awareness to the sensation of the air on your skin. You may notice the temperature of the air feels different on the palm of the hand than on the back of the hand. If you're outside, you may feel the wind blowing against your skin. This is your own experience and there is no right or wrong. You may now gently open your eyes and it might be nice to take this mindfulness of the body with you throughout the rest of your day so that, when you are sitting, feel where your body comes in contact with the chair or, if you're standing, feel where your feet are in contact with the floor. Thank you so much for joining me during this mindfulness exercise. I appreciate the time that you spent with me and I hope that this mindfulness practice was a good one for you and something you can take with you. In your show notes you'll find ways to connect, including signing up for my weekly newsletter. So you don't have to remember, I can email you a copy of this podcast episode. Also, you'll see some other links in the show notes. And finally, if you have found this to be a helpful episode, please send me a rating or if you have questions for me, you can even shoot me an email. Thank you so much for joining me. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Bye-bye.