The Art of Healing

July 2023 Meditation-Light Breath Meditation

July 31, 2023 Charlyce Davis Season 5 Episode 3
The Art of Healing
July 2023 Meditation-Light Breath Meditation
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Thank you for meditating with me.

This month’s Meditation is a variation of Light Breathing.  Light Breathing is a form of Reiki and meditation.

According to Hiroshi Doi in the book A Modern Reiki Methos for Healing, this is Light Breathing:

“[Light Breathing] is one of the Gendai Reiki Ho’s Giho’s [Giho is method, technique, exercise or training]  to restore the resonance with Reiki when negative thoughts and emotions arise.’"
Doi, Hiroshi. (2014). A Modern Reiki Method for Healing, Revised Edition. Vision Publications.

We practice this technique together.  Please ensure you are seated or lying comfortably before starting this meditation.  Do not perform while driving.

This meditation is a great way to raise your vibration at any time, and I hope it’s helpful. 

Want a wallpaper with the Reiki Precepts that we use during the meditation? 

Download the Reiki Precepts Screen Saver I made just for you!

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welcome back to the art of healing podcast. This is Charlise and we are going to be doing our muffly. Meditation energy healing exercise together. Uh, this is a tradition that I've really come to love because I can share my own meditation practices with you. And it's something that you can key in, just allows us to ex exchange energy, not so much just information. For this one, I would like to practice with you. Um, a brief session of Reiki. Um, we will do a Reiki session together. We will be doing something that's called light breathing. So as always, whenever we're doing these sessions, these are best done. When you are able to be comfortable, seated or laying down. You don't want to be distracted and I would not listen to this while you're driving. Um, in the platform you're listing on almost all of them should allow you to be able to downloads that you could return later. Also, if you'd like to sign up for my weekly newsletter every Friday, I will email you a copy so that you can download and use this for later. For this session. You can feel free to perform this. If you're seated comfortably with your feet planted. You're back supported. In a way that you can relax. You can also perform this session. Lying down. And sometimes it helps to have something to place under your knees so that you can really let your back relax. Now as you get comfortable. You can let your eyes close. And for the next few minutes. Inhale. Through the nose. Letting the belly rise. Then the chest. And allowing your exhalation to come naturally. So simply inhaling. And exhaling. Now. Let's inhale. To the count of five. And exhale. To the count of five. Continue to inhale to the count of five. And exhale. To the count of five. Now you can let your breath return to normal. And as you inhale. You may begin to sense. A source of energy. That's above your head, maybe about one foot. And this may feel like warmth. Or a light. Or it may feel like an emotion. Of love. Or gratitude. And as we call in this energy, I would like to recite the Reiki precepts to help us call in more of this warmth love light gratitude by. She ki. Just for today. I do not worry. Do not get angry. Be grateful. Work hard. Be kind to all living beings. So for the next few minutes. We will allow this. Energy together. Now. With each inhalation. That energy. As you inhale. We'll draw down through your body. Down to your lower back. In your lower belly. A column of light will flow all the way to your body and come to rest there. And as you inhale more of that light trials in. And as you exhale. You release. Anything. That no longer serves you muscle tension in the lower back. Worries. Gripping. Inhale the light. Exhale. Which you no longer need. Now. You will inhale. That light. As you inhale from the top of your head will flow. Into your belly. With each inhalation that warm column of light flows through your head down through your chest, where it comes to rest in your belly. And with each inhalation, more of the light. Is there more of the warmth? Is there. And you release. Which you no longer need. You release anxiety worries. Gripping thoughts that hold you back. Each exhale, those will breathe out of you and with each inhale, the light comes in. Now as you inhale that column of light travels down through your head. Into your chest. Where here it enters your heart. And did you inhale? The light into is your heart. And as you exhale, you release any tension. Negativity. We're no longer serves you. And as your heartbeats and now circulates the slight throughout all of your arteries. So now we just let the light circulate, we inhale it in and we release what we no longer need. Now. You can begin to imagine that the light and love that energy that she preneur. However you want to call it. His circulated all throughout your body is lifted. Any negativity? You breathe out. Anything you no longer need. So you may now feel that that light is still within you. But it's no longer circulating above your head. Now. You may take a few moments. To breathe. And allow. That light. To circulate from your heart. Throughout your body. You can now bring your awareness. To the room around you. The sounds, the sensations. And you can allow your eyes to gently open. As we close. This Reiki, light breathing session. So I hope you found this session to be relaxing and to help to lift your vibration. As always, this is Charlise and thank you so much for joining me, re we'll be connecting next week with some new episodes. If you found this episode helpful, please leave me a review. Or shoot me an email. At Charlene said healing, arts, health, and Have a wonderful rest of your week now must stay.