The Art of Healing

Smart and Safe Weight Loss-SlimLogix Program with Andy James

July 17, 2023 Charlyce Davis Season 5 Episode 3
The Art of Healing
Smart and Safe Weight Loss-SlimLogix Program with Andy James
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Andy James, owner and creator of SlimLogix is joining us to discuss the modern, smart way to approach weight loss using timeless lifestyle interventions with advanced technology.

Andy James has a background in both finance and real estate. He completed his Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) certification in June 2019 at the Nutritional Therapy Association. The passing of his father from cancer in 2011 prompted Andy to believe that lifestyle factors and diet had a significant role in both the formation of his cancer as well as the rapid decline of his health. Committed to not taking the same path as his late father, Andy was determined to better his own health, leading him to make dietary modifications. As a result of simply adjusting what he ate, Andy was able to eliminate his anxiety, lift himself from depression, achieve better sleep, and a whole other host of positive changes. On top of all of that, Andy was able to shed 40 pounds in the process and has maintained this weight loss ever since, simply because of the knowledge he gained. After formalizing his nutrition and weight loss knowledge, he is determined to help others gain the very same knowledge for themselves to make a positive difference and see just how simple weight loss can be.

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Hey, art of healing podcast listeners. Welcome to the latest episode of the art of healing podcast. This is Charlise or a doctor Charlise. And for today's episode, we are going to have a very fantastic guest on that. I'm excited to introduce, and he and I will be collaborating. I'll be part of his. Team of doctors who were going to be doing something really cool. Let me introduce you to Andy James. Andy is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. He's been certified by the nutritional therapy association. Andy story, which he'll share with us. It starts with his strong urge to help as many people as he can. After the passing of his father in 2011. Andy himself has undergone a transformation of losing 40 pounds and is done much, much research on how to lose weight and do it in a way that's going to work in a way that's safe in a way that you can live with. So Andy is going to be coming on. Uh, I asked him to introduce himself as well as to discuss this upcoming program. And we'll be rolling this out in time that if you're interested, maybe you can sign up. All right. Let's get started. Thank you so much for joining us during this episode. If you have enjoyed listening, I definitely would love if you'd leave me a review on the podcast platform that you're listening to them. If you like what you heard, you can sign up for my weekly newsletter and I will email you a copy that you can download. You might also discover that I have a mix. library of podcasts on that you might want to go through and listen to. So please feel free to sign up. And we'll be back next week. Thanks listeners. Toxin. Bye-bye.