The Art of Healing

Healing Yourself and Healing the World-Interview with the Director of the Healing Company Anabel Oelmann

July 10, 2023 Charlyce Davis Season 5 Episode 2
The Art of Healing
Healing Yourself and Healing the World-Interview with the Director of the Healing Company Anabel Oelmann
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I’m honored to be hosting  the Co-Founder and Director of The Healing Company, Anabel Oelmann.

During this interview, Anabel and I discuss her personal healing journey as well as her global mission to bring healing to the world.

The Healing Company has a bold vision: bring integrated healing to the world, helping millions of people improve their quality of life. Anabel is also the host of the new YouTube interview series, The Healing Hour, which brings together and amplifies the voices of healers, experts, entrepreneurs, and pioneers within the world of integrated healing.

Prior to founding The Healing Company, Anabel started her career as a model, and in facing immense pressure to fit a certain aesthetic began suffering deeply from stress-induced, chronic migraines. She found relief from Eastern medicine, which ultimately led her to become a certified nutritionist and found a functional mushroom company. Her challenges as a founder in the space—with a powerful product, but limited resources to compete in a fragmented, confusing market—shaped her and her co-founder Simon Belsham’s vision for The Healing Company. Together with a team of experts in S-commerce, storytelling, growth, and distribution, they are working to sc

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 Hello, and welcome back to the art of healing podcast. This is Charlyce and as always, thank you so much for joining me. I'm happy Ron today, a very special guest. This is the founder of the healing company. Who has the bold mission of bringing integrated healing to the world? By helping millions of people. 

Millions of people improve their quality of life. The founding member Annabel Oelman will be joining me as a podcast guest. She is a host of the YouTube interview series, the healing hour. And if you'd like to tune in, I'll put the link to that in the show notes. The healing hour brings together and amplifies the voices of healers experts, entrepreneurs, and pioneers within the world of integrated healing. 

Global wellbeing icon. Dr. Deepak Chopra is one of the. Chief scientific advisors. Let the healing company. And the healing company aims to democratize access to integrated healing. By bringing this to all communities all over the world. Today, Annabel, and I will be discussing some of the nuts and bolts. 

Of a wellness brand. Uh, we'll discuss her. Vision for the future of integrated medicine, as well as the healing company's vision of how to shift the healthcare paradigm. And I'm going to ask her some personal advice as far as how to live a life that's well-rooted. So this should be very exciting. Let's get started.  

 📍 Hello Annabell. Thank you so much for joining me. How are you today? Hello?

Thank you. Well, I am so appreciative for you being a guest on my podcast. Um, I think the listeners are gonna just hear such a great perspective from you, particularly this global perspective. I just love it cuz we do have listeners all over the world. So my first question that I wanted to ask you is just about you, if you don't mind sharing with the listeners some about yourself and your journey to wellness and your journey to using Eastern Medicine.

Well, this is a very patient, um, listening audience. No need to keep it short, so share as much as you want. We, we like long form stories here, go deep.

Um, four days a week of migraines, which you lived it, so I don't need to tell you, but that is crippling four. So that's actually like most of the week you were in, in a migraine or coming out of a migraine or Right.


Yeah. Yeah. That is, uh, those are, I mean, just for the listeners for which, on, on the podcast, we haven't talked much about migraines, but that is severe, so that's amazing to hear that your experience that you. You had to really actively seek out, you traveled to India to do this, to find, uh, eastern medicine, to heal your migrants.

I'm glad you did, cuz that's a lot of time to spend in migraines. I cannot imagine.

Um, you are now working as a certified nutritionist, um, among many other things. And then you mentioned that you started a C B D company. Do you mind sharing with us your work as a certified nutritionist? A little bit more. Um, and do, I don't know if, do you still have the C B D company? Oh,

Nice. Um, so while we are on the topic, um, you are the founder of The Healing Company, so please share with us what The Healing Company is, what the mission of the Healing Company is. Um, if you don't mind, please educate us.

So I absolutely love that mission being that I am a practicing physician. I know exactly what. You're talking about, and it's a, it's a sad fact. I often have to share with my patients that in the current model, the tools that we have when we are seeing our patients in the United States is definitely more focused on pharmaceuticals, um, treating once the symptoms are there.

Um, there's not a whole lot of room to explore. Um, the nuances of what's happening before and a symptom actually develops. So I love that your company is taking on such a bold and, uh, what's the term I'm looking for? Very big. Um, mission. That's wonderful because the world needs to know that they can do what you did.

Educate yourself. You can take hold of your health, you can start to feel better that you have the power, but I think it takes that kind of encouragement. Seeing others do it to know that, oh, I, I really can do this. Um, I was, I was told that you have, um, a partnership with Dr. Deepak Chopra is one of the partnerships that your, the Healing company has.


That is awesome. I love this global perspective. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. So let's switch from the global impact, let's. Come back a little bit to like our personal, so I thought I would ask Annabell, especially knowing that she's worked as a model. She's a world traveler, she's a busy professional.

Do you have some top tips for us for self-care rituals that you would recommend for the rest of us?

Those are excellent self-care tips. Um, the sleep. Excellent. Um, I love that you recommended journaling. That's a nice one. Um, that reading, uh, bibliotherapy in our kind of electronically driven world. We forget that, you know, books are there. So definitely reading. So Annabelle, can you share with the listeners, um, where to find out more about you and where to for find out more about the Healing Company please.


Annabelle, thank you so much for joining me as a guest today. This interview has had such a really cool global perspective, a personal perspective. Um, I really found it. Quite inspirational that you've healed your migraines. I cannot, um, underscore enough that, um, a condition like migraines can be so crippling and so disempowering.

So I'm glad the listeners got to hear from someone that's survived it, that there's a pathway that you can find your, your way through it. So I appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

Thank you Art of Healing Podcast listeners, if you'll check your show notes. I'll put in all the details of well to where to find Annabelle. I'll put in. All the details of where to find the Healing Company. And if you check one of those links, you'll also see a place where you can sign up for my newsletter, where I will actually email out all these details.

So if you wanna listen again, if you wanna keep in touch, you wanna learn more about The Healing Company, it'll all be there. Listeners, thank you so much for joining me, animal, thank you so much for being a guest, and until next week, we'll meet again. Thank you.