The Art of Healing

Card Readings for the Art of Healing Community April 2023

April 24, 2023 Charlyce Davis
The Art of Healing
Card Readings for the Art of Healing Community April 2023
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We are closing the month of April with a card reading for all of us!  

During this episode, I’m sharing my card reading practice with all of you.  I am using cards from one of my favorite decks, Light Seer Tarot by Chris-Anne. 

Oracle and Tarot Cards are one of my favorite health and wellness tools, and you don’t have to be an expert to start using cards.  

Tune in to hear the cards that came up for us as a podcast community.

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Welcome back to the art of healing podcast. This is Charlise and thank you for joining me for this month of April. We practice with grounding our energy all month. And I wanted to close a month, a little differently. So previous podcast episodes, we close each month with a meditation. But I thought this month we kind of got quite a bit of that done with each of these episodes. Feel free if you missed any to go back and have a listen. So I wanted to share with your listeners a personal practice of mine that I've actually been doing for years. And I decided I should share, especially just, you know, for inspiration, for those of you that might already do this, or if you hadn't thought of using this. For the last few years, I usually start my morning by using Oracle or a tarot cards. I love to journal. I love to read and I had purchased my first few decks of cards. Some years ago. And. Just slowly evolve that I started to pull cards for myself every day. So sometimes. I have a question sometimes I just pull a card just to you. Kind of see what's going to happen. But one of my favorite practices is I like to use a deck called the Light Seer tarot by Chris-Anne. And this deck, which is based on tarot, but has some iterations that make it a little bit more well meant a lot more user-friendly to the modern person. We can use it to find our light and our shadow. So for this month, I wanted to close the episode by pulling our card for all of us, all of us in this podcast, community. So I pulled two cards for us and I'll make sure to share those in the newsletter I'll, I'll show the pictures of those. But I just ask the question of the car, just like, Hey general, just, Hey for this. This community, this art of healing community. What would we want to know to close out this month? So I hope that's okay. I know the cards might be sort of a new thing for you. It might be something that you use all the time, but I tell you, I have found that using my cards every morning. And then reflecting on what I pulled that morning has been a great personal development tool. It's really helped me to see things I need to see about myself, about the world around me. It's really helpful, especially looking back days and weeks later on information that. Really was available to me, but my conscious mind may have been blocking it. So for us, I pulled a Light Seer card and a Shadow Seer. So our first card. Is R we're as a community we're shining and how you can apply this to yourself is, you know, all of us listeners, all of us be the speaker, all of us together. Our general energy. What are we accelerating at or doing the best? And we pooled in the slides here, deck the 10 of Pentacles. And this card highlights, spiritual and material, abundance, community wealth and prosperity. And so I just was tickled pink. When I asked my cards in my guides. For this community, these listeners and me, what do we want to know? And with this card is sharing with us as that. This is an energy of abundance. And I know I definitely feel that as being the primary speaker. But even as a listener, Your energy connects with me and other listeners. And there definitely is a feeling of abundance of growth. Is this podcast is grown up. It's definitely a feeling of evolving, just a really cool. Sort of spreading acceptance and the tin of pinnacles definitely confirms that that's the general energy of this podcast. Us. is a community right now. And then in your own life, some of the lessons you might want to take from this 10 of pinnacles is that. This abundance can be present in any way you desire. So if this is abundance of family, abundance of positive financial health, if this is abundance of. Networking connections is of abundance of romantic love. That the energy is there for that. So pretty cool. So wherever you are in your life, it's, it's nice to know that that is a community. We pulled this abundance card, the 10 of Pentacles. So lessons to be learned from this card. It's. This card is a big energy card. So it might be good to keep in mind as you're taking this in listening, thinking about. What's happening in your life that abundance could be there. So you'll definitely want to try to keep it positive. Because at bigger energy you could maybe attract. Things that you don't quite want to attract. So just keeping in mind that maybe this is where you are, and it seems like the community's at a place to attract this nice abundant energy. And the card is nice. It's one of the, my favorite cards in it. Cause it's got a. A smiling couple and they have this large family and they're enjoying a great time together and sort of looking at each other, thinking like, wow, look what we've created. And. The children to me, I interpret imply that there's this abundant future because there the potential of what comes next. So that's our Light Seer as a community. So that first card that shines a light on. Where we're accelerating. It's shining a light on where you're doing well in your life. So where you may want to put more energy. In this deck, a shadow CEO card is also used. So in the world of card reading, you can. Use cards that are reversed, which mean the opposite, meaning. We won't get into all of that. We'll talk more about using Oracle cards in your healing journey, but at least for right now we are, we pulled a card. I pulled a card for us. To look at our shadows, our shadows. And in terms of this reading, this deck. Are places that we want to shine a light on. There may be the dark corners. We don't want to see. Maybe where the dust is hiding. Maybe we want to air these out a little bit, just to be aware of. Where we can grow, where we can shine, what might be holding us back. So as a community, I shuffled the deck a whole bunch and shuffled it some more. I did some Reiki on it, and then I asked for a message for all of us. And the card I got back was the hero fant. And the hero fant card. Is a card that can mean lessons of enlightenment could reference a spiritual leader or someone of that's a guru. In terms of the shadow. What this reminds us and in your own life is you're listening to this. Applying to your own life is that this the hero faint in our shadows maybe reminding us of outdated systems or ways of thinking that no longer service Globally. So for all of us listening for you listeners, we're all over the globe. There's listeners almost on every continent. So what this might mean for us is that. In your life, there may be outdated systems that you work within your home or outdated systems at work or outdated systems in your community, your government everywhere. It's not necessarily saying overturn them or anything like that. It's simply allowing you to maybe. Except that something that is done a certain way all the time. It may be okay to question it. And maybe okay. To experiment with doing things in a new way. As a shadow car at this cart also reminds us if you are in a leadership position. To be mindful of leading from a place of love rather than of ego. So leading from a place to love in your family, with your children. Or with others you work with. That as you're, if you're in the position that you lead others, simply to be mindful of how you're leading and maybe like what. What you see? Are the end goals. Are they the goals that actually serve the community and as a whole. So. I hope that this shorter podcast was fun for you. I actually wanted to do some guard readings for us for a while. And depending on how you all feel about it, we could definitely do some more of those, but I'll share a little bit more info. In the newsletter that comes out this week about these cards, about what we pulled. And if you have more questions, I will always put in show notes, how to reach me. So thank you so much for joining me for this month i hope this was a grounding month and helped with anxiety and we will connect soon. thanks bye-bye