The Art of Healing

When to Ask for Help-Advice from Dr. Smith

June 13, 2022
The Art of Healing
When to Ask for Help-Advice from Dr. Smith
Show Notes

Dr. Seleena Smith.  Dr. Smith is a mother, healer and psychologist who offers REAL Liberation Coaching and Consultation Services (Restore, Empower, Align, and Love) and is  focused on helping her community heal. She strives to help high functioning clients find liberation and joy in their lives in a discrete, nonjudgmental, and safe space, while also helping them to reach their personal and professional goals.
Dr. Seleena is a part of the Soul Care Collective, which offers affordable mental health care for people of color.
We discuss the power of working virtually in your healing journey.
We also discuss the 6 Signs that it's time to seek therapy, which are:

  1. During Times of Transitions
  2. Feelings of Depression
  3. Troubles in Relationships
  4. Changes in Appetite
  5. Withdrawing from people
  6. Lost of interest

You can find Dr. Seelena Smith here:
REAL Coaching
Soul Care Collective
Instagram: @realliberationcoaching
Facebook: Real Liberation Coaching and Consultation
Twitter: Real Liberation
Linked In: Real Liberation

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